Bank Holiday Painting

This weekend I checked out the Meeting of Styles in the Nomadic Community Gardens in Shoreditch. It was an excellent day, cold beers, beautiful weather, good music and it was an honour to see so many excellent artists doing their thing. I also had to chance to paint a quick off-the-cuff dude on one of the free walls. It was a blast working with Loop Colours, the super vibrant colours and their sweet pressure were a dream to work with.

I also finally got around to painting shutters of Paradise Slice on Brick Lane. I was up at the crack of dawn on Monday morning to paint this slobby pizza party boy and felt really good blasting over my stolen pizza shark design.


The surface of the shutter and working on a larger scale proved challenging but I was pretty happy with my first proper piece of street art.

Massive thanks to the beautiful Caitlin Campbell for the photos, being a keen second pair of eyes and all of your help. Also big shout out to Dan and Noura at Paradise Slice for being excellent people and super cool.